About Us

Alaqtar Real Estate Development

Alaqtar Real Estate Development Company: A house of expertise and real estate leadership, founded in 1424 AH under the slogan “Grow together”. This slogan sets the satisfaction and aspirations of our customers a goal and priority that we seek, which in fact motivates us to improve the level of our services and benefit from the experience we have gained in all fields of real estate development, marketing and consulting.

Our success with God’s blessing first, and then with the confidence of our customers, will not make us stand, but place our responsibility to develop and innovate to reach many innovative real estate products despite the challenge of innovation that increases our determination with God’s help to continue to grow to new stages of achievements flagged by Al Qatar Company. Taking advantage of the promising opportunities in the real estate market to take a leading position among the real estate development poles

our vision

The preferred developer of premier lifestyle and quality real estate within holistically designed communities.

Our Story

We are a leading startup founded originally by Mr. Ahmed Ali Al Yahya as a residential and commercial management organization that undertakes projects on behalf of third parties. We later developed into a multidisciplinary real estate organization concerned with financing real estate deals, investing in projects, and renovating industrial sites. The company’s future transformed with the partnership of Mr. Abdul Latif Al-Shalash and Mr. Sultan Al-Shalash, well renowned and experienced partners in the real estate development field. They participated in medium-sized and large-scale real estate projects all over the kingdom, especially in Al Riyadh, Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Company, one of the largest real estate companies in the Middle East. This partnership reaped its first fruit in2020 with the Elite Villas project.

Our Capabilities

What sets us apart from other emerging companies is that our board members and executive team have over 35 years of combined experience in real estate.
This expertise has granted us the success of every project we have undertaken so far. A professional, qualified team is ready to take and manage the risks that come with the job, ensure on-time delivery, and target high returns.

Target Market

Alaqtar Real Estate Development Company is a very flexible company driven-that is opportunity and smartly chooses its investments. This strategy facilitated our growth as a startup company in no time. Choosing central locations with strong purchasing power and a rich novel market not targeted by other real estate companies contributed to the success of our projects. We managed to offer reasonable prices and acquire valuable, profitable opportunities. Currently, we are targeting secondary cities in Saudi Arabia with geographical locations where there is high demand for real estate services and fluentan af market. We conducted a careful study of the secondary cities in the Kingdom, and the city of Buraidah topped our list. We started in AlQasim, Buraidah, and are planning onexpanding to other cities such as AlTaif, Arar, Aljouf, and AlAhsa.

Board Directors

Abdullah Aldubaikhi
Ahmed Alyahya
Sultan AlShalash
Abdullatif Abdullah AlShalash