Alaqtar Projects

shaping the future through continuons development
In Northern Buraidah lies a luxurious and charming complex spanning two million square meters. Our modern residential complex consists of 2000 housing units of varying sizes, starting from 246.96 square meters. Built to the highest standards of design and implementation to cater to your preferences, every corner of the Projects…
status Under Progress
Total land area +2 Million sqm
Location Downtown
Elite Villas
Elite Villas embody luxury and privacy in contemporary housing. They are situated in a private, newly-built neighborhood in Buraidah, covering 7000 square meters and built according to the highest standards. We strive to secure the aspirations of the Saudi family by providing them with the distinguished housing they deserve. With…
status Sold
Total land area
Location Downtown
Alaqtar Towers
Alaqtar Towers, a prominent landmark with unparalleled views of King Fahd and King Khalid roads, tower over the city of Buraidah and offer breathtaking views of the city’s vibrant heart, highlighting its layout, and adding elegance and prestige to its beauty. With our dedication to providing you with the best…
status Under Progress
Total land area 40,000 sqm
Location Downtown